What you need to know before travelling to Phuket?

What you need to know before travelling to Phuket? Let me introduce first that the condition of the roads of Phuket. will look the same as on him That is, there will be many winding paths. Therefore, driving in Phuket requires extreme caution. In addition, Phuket Town And Phuket Airport itself is still very far away. If anyone stays around Mai Khao Beach may not be very far But if anyone stays in the old town or go south like Cape Panwa It may take more than 1-2 hours onwards.

However, there may be time between traffic jams as well. for comfort We recommend the service That will help travel from Phuket airport. go to attraction or accommodation to be more convenient by

Airport shuttle service It’s a very interesting option. Both for people who visit Phuket as a large family. Whether coming with a lot of friends or accompanied by an adult that emphasizes convenience and mainly personal Booking an airport shuttle service The highlight of this service is There will be a car with a driver picking up at the airport to take you to your accommodation, travel destination, or various points in Phuket, including the return leg as well

Car rental service is another option for anyone who wants to travel as I like. want to drive by yourself hang out with friends or want personal comfort Anyone can use the car rental service with us. Whether renting a car with a driver Or rent a car and drive by yourself. Here, the service is available. It’s good to choose a wholesale price. It’s also convenient to choose an hourly rate

Recommended areas in Phuket

1. Old Phuket Town Or known in English as Phuket Old Town is a popular area. And the attention of a large number of tourists. because apart from the Sino-Portuguese building In the old town area, there are many street art. Allows you to stand and take pictures in a chic way Including being surrounded by restaurants, famous cafes in the neighborhood Recommended that if anyone has time, not in a hurry. I want you to try to sleep in this area. Because it is another classic that is a unique symbol of Phuket. But may be far away from the airport. allow for travel time

2. Mai Khao Beach, of course, who would go to Phuket. You will surely know Mai Khao Beach. because it is a famous sandy beach that people often visit to take pictures with the plane up close Because it is close to the airport itself. I will say that the area of ​​Mai Khao Beach is located. And clustered together with many leading 4-5 star hotels to choose from. The highlight is calm. (Compared to Patong Beach) is not crowded. The beach is beautiful white. Importantly, it’s very close to the airport, about 5-10 minutes.

3. Cape Yamu The highlight of accommodation in this area is that you can see the Andaman Sea unobstructed at all. Because the view of accommodation on Cape Yamu is considered the best. The important thing is that this area is not crowded at all. Recommended for people who want privacy. Want a spectacular view? If you are tired of the Sri Panwa area, then Pin it at Cape Yamu. Guarantee that you will be satisfied for sure. Importantly, this area also has Yamu Village. It is a Muslim community located as well.

4. Patong Beach, the colors of Phuket No matter who asks any tourists, they must know the reputation of Patong Beach. Because it’s not just a beautiful beach. The sea water is crystal clear like never imagined before. It is also a gathering point for foreign tourists. Full of restaurants, pubs and bars, it is ideal for travelers who enjoy nightlife. Because this area will be lively and lively. But when it comes to the COVID period Patong Beach area is quiet to the eye. If traveling during this period Patong is still not too busy, it’s good.